Remotasks 101: Career Progression For Remotaskers

If you’re planning to join our team in Remotasks, chances are you’ve heard of the many kinds of projects and tasks you can work on to get paid. As a platform, we pride ourselves in the flexibility we offer Remotaskers when it comes to how they pursue their tasks: choosing tasks they want to accomplish, working on their own schedule, and even providing various training materials to expand their skillset. However, one of the best things Remotasks can offer our best Remotaskers is the opportunity to expand their careers.

In Remotasks, our Remotaskers are actually classified under multiple roles, each with their specializations and responsibilities. The projects and tasks the platform offers can also depend on what kind of position our Remotaskers are holding.

Remotasks and Career Progression: How does it work?

Unlike other remote earnings platforms, Remotasks actually offers advancement opportunities to Remotaskers who demonstrate great marks (such as accuracy and timeliness) and mastery over certain project types. These career progression opportunities enable Remotaskers to access more challenging and higher-paying tasks and obligations. Additionally, they enable Remotaskers to showcase talents and skills such as management and leadership, as well as a penchant for quality control. 

However, what exactly are the different Remotasker levels we can aspire to become? Here's a quick list for reference:

  • Attempter: Once you join Remotasks, you immediately become an Attempter. This type of Remotaskers get access to all our training materials via the Training Center and are highly encouraged to improve their skills via our Bootcamps. Whenever an Attempter finishes a course on a project type, they'll be able to get tasks of that project type in their queue. Once an Attempter submits a task of any project type, their output is considered an attempt (hence the name). 
  • Reviewer: Remotaskers who consistently perform with high marks - such as high accuracy and attention to detail - can become Reviewers of their favorite project types. As Reviewers, they’ll be in charge of checking the output of Attempters and confirm if they’ve followed instructions carefully. They can offer revisions and even ask Attempters to redo tasks if there are too many mistakes. 
  • Super Reviewer: Remotaskers who perform particularly well as Reviewers for certain project types can apply to become a Super Reviewer. Unlike Reviewers, our SRs are in charge of giving the green light for us to submit attempts to our clients as output. As such, SRs often review attempts for a final time to check for even the slightest of errors. Given the critical nature of this role, Super Reviewers first start as a Super Reviewer Trainee. 
  • Mod QA: Remotaskers who have a knack for remembering instructions and explaining them to others might want to apply for a Mod QA role. Interested Remotaskers have to apply for project types that request Mod QA applicants. Mod QAs usually eventually apply to become Super Reviewers as well due to their familiarity with their chosen project types. 
  • Trainer: Remotasks who have leadership skills might also want to apply for a Trainer role. Unlike Reviewers and Mod QAs, Trainers eventually get to lead a team of their own and ensure all their members remain updated with instructions and various happenings in Remotasks. In order to apply for Trainer roles, a Remotasker needs to be a Bootcamp graduate for the project type they’re interested in becoming a Trainer for. Likewise, they need to have consistently high marks to demonstrate their skill in the project types they’re applying for. 

Career Progression In Remotasks: Build Your Career Here!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s perfectly possible to build a career in Remotasks with enough experience, perseverance, and effort. While everyone starts as an Attempter, acquiring enough training and experience can help one achieve higher ranks such as Reviewers, Moderators, or even Trainer status.

If you want to jumpstart your career as a professional, consider joining our 10,000+ members here in Remotasks! Registration is completely for free, and we offer training materials with no charge! As a plus, we have Bootcamp sessions where you and other Taskers can learn some of our most complex tasks live!

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