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Nick S
"Not only I can watch over my daughter while working, but it showed me the value of self-motivation and hard work. Thank you, Remotasks, for this opportunity."
Susan P
"I love Remotasks. They're the reason I'm able to pay my mortgage as a single mom. Tasks are easy to do and I love that I can work from home!"
Amit A
"Remotasks gives me the freedom to work around my schedule as a student. I can take time off when I need to study, and the money helps me pay for school."

Easy To Do Tasks

Tag images. Transcribe Audio. Moderate Content. We have many interesting tasks for you to do! English-fluency is the only requirement.

"Draw a bounding box around all the parking lots in the image."

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Jerry T$6,03898%
Paul L$5,87297.5%
Maggie A$5,50297.5%
Marie C$3,33397%
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