Remotasks Bootcamp Overview


Remotasks Bootcamp is a 10-day in-person training program designed from the ground up to help you be a successful Tasker. There are 2 training tracks at each Bootcamp:

  1. Newbies - best suited for anyone who is brand new to the Remotasks platform. On this track, you can graduate as an Attempter or Reviewer.
  2. Super Reviewers - best suited for existing Attempters or Reviewers who have successfully completed LiDAR tasks and have a proven track record. On this track, you can graduate as a Super Reviewer, the highest pay level on the Remotasks platform.

The Bootcamp is currently offered in 9 locations in the Philippines:

  1. Bacolod
  2. Cebu
  3. Davao
  4. Dumaguete
  5. Manila/National Capital Region
  6. Tanjay City Zone
  7. Ilo Ilo City
  8. Pasig
  9. Cavite

More sites will be added in the future, so stay tuned for updates! Ready to sign up?

Why Attend?

Remotasks is a platform that enables independent work and we are committed to ensuring the success of each of our Taskers. As such, the training is not only free, but students earn money for tasks and reviews completed during training as well as a bonus upon graduation. For more details:

Potential Earning During Training:

Tasks completed in training as an Attempter $10 / ₱520
Tasks completed in training as a Reviewer $25 / ₱1,300
Tasks completed in training as a Super Reviewer $40 / ₱2,000
Payout for Tasks Completed* $10 - $40+ / ₱520 - ₱2,000+
*Payout for tasks varies depending on the complexity as well as the number of tasks completed.

Potential Earnings After Training:*

20 hours/week 40 hours/week
Regular Payout for Reviews Completed ₱4,000 - ₱5,000 ₱8,000 - ₱10,000
Task Completed Reward ₱1,500 - ₱5,000 ₱3,000 - $9,400
Total Earnings ₱5,500 - ₱10,000 ₱11,000 - ₱19,400

*Please note:

  • The amounts stated above are estimates. Actual payout will vary depending on the accuracy of completed tasks and reviews.
  • Bootcamp graduates can earn a one-time reward upon completion of 40 or 60 accepted tasks within 2 weeks of graduation.
  • Bootcamp graduates remain eligible for potential future bonuses.

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